Wedding Photography at Cathedral Peak

When Thea approached me to do the wedding photography for her and Wayne at Cathedral Peak in the Drakensberg, I was a bit skeptical. How can I work and be a guest at the wedding? The fact that Thea is one of my oldest friends, and Wayne a friend from school convinced me, and I took the job.

Needless to say the setting was stunning. The Drakensberg in autumn is the best place is our beautiful country that time of year, and to be able to shoot a wedding there, at Cathedral Peak Hotel is any photographer’s dream.

The wedding was everything it promised to be, and being able to do the photography for two old friends on their wedding day, share it with them, their friends and family is something I’ll look back on with a warm, fuzzy feeling every time.

Venue (including cutlery etc.) Cathedral Peak Hotel –, +27 36 488 1888, [email protected]

Draping – Dawn Turner, [email protected], +27 834191439

Blomme – Prairie Roses, +27 364881565 (By Joan Hoffman, Lauretta Maree, Anne-Ghrett Erasmus, Rebecca Steele)

Music – Colin van Wyk, Drak Entertainment,, [email protected], +27 83 4500373

Koek – Marie Abrahamse, +27 715820987

Suits en Dresses – Bride and Co.,

Printing – MediaFx,, +27 21 873 3120, [email protected]

Minister – Ds. Smuts, NG Gemeente, Harrismith, +27 586221355



  1. Lauren Barbour 31/05/2013 at 11:34 #

    Some very artistic shots there Chris. Just beautiful 🙂

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