Berg wedding photography on a rainy day

Although wedding photography is a job to me, and as a result you end up sharing many people’s special days as an ‘outsider’, you tend to feel that you don’t really share the day with them. With Debbie and Chris on their wedding day it was completely the opposite. I said to Chris on my way out of their wedding that I have made friends…not only them, but people at their wedding. Shooting their wedding is what makes photography worth it for me, especially wedding photography. The vibe at weddings is just amazing, as anybody that have ever attended a wedding will know, and feeling part of it, having the responsibility of capturing it, and making friends as you go spend the day makes my ‘job’ so much easier.

Another thing that made my job as wedding photographer easier was the ease Debbie and Chris, but especially Debbie, handled a person with a camera pointed at them all day long. I hardly ever had to say or do anything to try and catch the essence of their wedding day. They were just fantastic, and all I had to do was make sure my gear was ready to catch all the special moments only a wedding day can deliver. I have to add that the presence of my amazing wife also added to the ease of it. She really has an eye for the finer detail and little things that happen during a wedding day that helps tie everything together. Thanks my love!

You can check out some more images in the White Weddings Gallery on the Galleries page of my website. Enjoy, and please feel free to leave some comments on any of the posts. It is always good to know what other people think!

Draping (walls, ceiling + Lights, table linen, chair covers, etc) – Ursula Oberholzer, Berg Draping & Décor, 072 511 4791, [email protected]

Catering – Dave Dixon, Dixon Catering, 033 347 1703 / 082 579 6076, [email protected]

Cutlery & Crockery – Muirheads Catering (Arranged by Dave Dixon), 033 3943933, [email protected]

Flowers, Table Décor (Flower boxes, lights) – Jo Kleu (Grandmother), 033 3961674

Serviette Rings (Beadwork) – Bronwyn & Morne Love (Sister & Brother-in-law) 082 046 3769

Chinese Lanterns (Floating Lanterns) – Barry & Lorraine Wilson, Sky’s The Limit, 039 975 3442, [email protected]

Suit Hire – Matthews Suit Hire, 033 394 4856, [email protected]

Groom, Best man & Family Attire (Ties, Waistcoats, Flower-girl Dress) – Jo Kleu (Grandmother, as above), Lu Holtham (Mother) – 073 172 5641

Nails – Nancy, 036 438 6220

Hair – Diedre, 058 622 2764 / 083 504 2166

Photography – Chris Greffrath, WozBona Photography, 076 281 6839, [email protected]

Sparkling Wine – Andrew Buchan, Bonnievale Cellars, 082 654 0095, [email protected] (KZN Agent); 023 616 2795 (National Sales)

Stationery (Table Cards, Menu, Invitations, printing, etc), Champagne Flutes – Chris & Debbie (done ourselves)

Church & Minister – Rev Ian McGuigan, Bergville Methodist Church, [email protected], 036 448 1635 / 082 682 1431

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  1. chrispieG 18/01/2013 at 15:19 #

    I loved shooting this wedding.

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