Beach Family Photos | The Barbours

Having been on the South Coast for almost two years now, it has been tough to find a balance between work and my passion for photography. When Lauren contacted me and said the Barbours were up for another round of family photos, I jumped all over the opportunity. It was going to be beach family photos after all…this time with their latest addition to the family, Juniper, tagging along.

It was once again such a joy to spend some time with them, and to be able to watch the family grow, and document it in pictures is such a privilege. They ditched the Superhero attire this time ’round, but little Phoenix was as busy as a bee, running and laughing like he owned the beach. I had so much fun capturing this, that I had to pinch myself at times to remember there were three other, and one tiny little girl, that also had to be shot.

I loved the the time we could spend with them, from the beach visits to do the family photos, to the great meals and conversations around the dinner table. I can’t wait to see them once more and do it all over again. Beach family photos with the Barbours…time well spent.


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