Anniversary photos | Avashnee + Jayan

I get to photograph quite a few weddings, and have to pinch myself at times, wondering how many of them will actually stand the test of time. Being a bit traditional and still placing plenty of value on marriage and family, I was elated to hear that Avashnee and Jayan wanted to have anniversary photos done of their 10th year as a married couple.

I was invited to capture the renewal of vows for Mandie + Erik at Nambithi Hills private game lodge last year. I wrote then about what an honour I felt it was to share such an occasion and being able to eternalise it with some anniversary photos. For the same reason I was just as stoked to do the anniversary photos for Avashnee and Jayan.

The session was supposed to happen on the Saturday of the weekend in question, but the weather was atrocious. We moved it over to the Sunday morning. Apart from a little chill in the air, we were greeted with a splendid morning at The Gorge Private Game Lodge and Spa. The views and backdrops from this venue over Oribi Gorge is just phenomenal, and certainly lends itself to some great photos.

Avashnee and Jayan is clearly just as in love, if not more so, now as they no doubt were when they got married. I just love spending time in the presence of such occasions. In many ways it is even more satisfying than the joy and bliss of a wedding day, because you know this is a more weathered, moulded by life type of love. It really renews my faith in the institution of marriage. Enjoy the photos.

WozBona Photography-10.jpgWozBona Photography-11.jpgWozBona Photography-12.jpgWozBona Photography-2.jpgWozBona Photography-3.jpgWozBona Photography-4.jpgWozBona Photography-5.jpgWozBona Photography-6.jpgWozBona Photography-7.jpgWozBona Photography-8.jpgWozBona Photography-9.jpgWozBona Photography.jpg


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  1. Rosie 30/05/2016 at 11:01 #

    Incredible, people always say marriage can not stand more than 7 years. Avashnee and Jayan do have true love.

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