Gauteng Wedding Photography with Grant & Nicolette

Doing wedding photography for family or friends is usually something I try and avoid at all cost, but after doing a wedding for a friend not too long ago, I was less reluctant to shoot for Grant and Nicolette at The Farm Inn in Gauteng. It is a great venue. The grounds is a great setting for some stunning photographs.

Getting the best shots was going to be a bit tricky, seeing it was a morning/early afternoon wedding. Thankfully they were very flexible, and we waited till latish in the afternoon before we did the couple shots, making it much easier and getting much better light. Once these two got into their stride, all I had to do was get the shutter to do its work.

Here are some shots from the day, on a cold, wintery Highveld  afternoon. Gauteng wedding photography at its best!

Venue: The Farm Inn, Cecilia Michaletos, Banqueting Co-ordinator, Tel: 012 809 0266, Fax: 012 809 0146, e-mail:

Stationary: Adri, Bathusi Promotions & Suppliers, Tel: 012 567 3968, Fax2Mail: 086 505 4756, Fax: 012 567 0726,

Décor & Flowers: DERICK, Tel: 012 347 4880

Music: Albert: 082 928 0886, Angie: 079 695 2209, email:

Cake: Lorraine Van der Merwe, email:, Facebook:

Minister: Carlos Coveiro, Charmaine Rorke, email:, Tel:012 333 5426,

Dresses, Makeup, Nails, Hair: Melinda – 084 585 9798, Lucinda – 079 895 4543, Lizelle – 079 987 3633

Videography: Liezel Genis, 083 452 6575,

Engagement session with Charl and Maryke

I met Charl and Maryke for the first time about 2 weeks ago for a little engagement session before the big day. We hopped around town a bit to do some location shots before heading out to the veld at Platrand Lodge to make full use of the setting sun and the soft, buttery light that comes with sunsets in this part of the world.

We started of in an old abandoned train yard in town, and got some great shots there with the fading light. Maryke’s stunning blonde hair really brought out the best in the sunset, with golden coloured highlights making some of the images really dramatic and adding great texture.

With him being an engineer and her an actuary, it is a match made in heaven. The fact that they are just sooooo in love made my job a lot easier, and all I have to do was set the stage to capture the moments as they happened. If this is what their engagement session was like, I can’t wait for the wedding. It is going to be a fairy tale in the Northern Natal Bush veld.

Wedding Photography at Cathedral Peak

When Thea approached me to do the wedding photography for her and Wayne at Cathedral Peak in the Drakensberg, I was a bit skeptical. How can I work and be a guest at the wedding? The fact that Thea is one of my oldest friends, and Wayne a friend from school convinced me, and I took the job.

Needless to say the setting was stunning. The Drakensberg in autumn is the best place is our beautiful country that time of year, and to be able to shoot a wedding there, at Cathedral Peak Hotel is any photographer’s dream.

The wedding was everything it promised to be, and being able to do the photography for two old friends on their wedding day, share it with them, their friends and family is something I’ll look back on with a warm, fuzzy feeling every time.

Venue (including cutlery etc.) Cathedral Peak Hotel -, +27 36 488 1888,

Draping – Dawn Turner,, +27 834191439

Blomme – Prairie Roses, +27 364881565 (By Joan Hoffman, Lauretta Maree, Anne-Ghrett Erasmus, Rebecca Steele)

Music – Colin van Wyk, Drak Entertainment,,, +27 83 4500373

Koek – Marie Abrahamse, +27 715820987

Suits en Dresses – Bride and Co.,

Printing – MediaFx,, +27 21 873 3120,

Minister – Ds. Smuts, NG Gemeente, Harrismith, +27 586221355


Isla’s Christening

Shooting a Christening was definitely a first for me. Michelle and Anthony contacted me a while back to photograph the christening of their first bundle of joy, Isla. After spending several years in the Middle East, they were in South Africa for some time off before jetting off to the UK again for work and their next big adventure. Between the two of them they have as many degrees as I have digits, so I think it is pretty safe to say that Isla will be nothing short of genius. She is already the sweetest little thing, and being able to do the photography for her christening was an absolute honour.

After doing some research to get a couple of perspectives on how to approach shooting a christening, I felt much more confident. I did some location scouting, checked out the lighting in the church and made sure I knew what the settings on my trusty old Canon 5D  with the 24 – 70mm f2.8 should be to get the best images possible. I was lucky to have a little word with the priest before hand to just make sure there aren’t any parts of the service/ceremony I was not welcome to shoot. Needless to say he was very helpful, and urged me to cover as much of it all as possible, insisting that it is a celebration, and nothing was off limits.

The day itself went off without a hitch, and I would just like to say a special thanks to Anthony, Michelle and Isla for bearing with me to get some shots of them after the service in the church. Little Isla was getting hungry, and I suspect tired too, but she was great and I did manage to get some great shots of Mum, Dad and their little bundle of joy. Here are some selected images from the christening.

Not wedding Photography, but still loads of fun!

Like the title says, it isn’t what I usually do, but just as much fun as wedding photography. I had a little stall at the Ladysmith Show this year from the 16th – 18th of May, and shared some floor space with other local wedding service providers like Nauntons Guest House, and Cherry on Top Bridal Boutique. Woz’Bona Photography being the photography part of it all.

As part of my exhibition I had a photo booth where people could come and have their photo taken with friends and family. To make it a bit more fun, there was a little basket full of goodies like wigs, sunglasses, scarves, funny teeth and all sorts of other bits and bobs. I wish I could post all of the images, but that would mean uploading for the next couple of days. Here are some of my favourites…

Family Photography on the Battlefield

I had the pleasure of doing a family photography session with the Tucker family not too long ago. It took us a while to get to do the shoot, with weather and all sorts of other issues throwing a spanner in the works. I have to say I am glad we put it off until we did. The shoot ended up being on a hill above Platrand Lodge, just outside Ladysmith, where you have a great view of the amazing sunsets we have in this part of the world. Needles to say, we were blessed with the most beautiful sunset, and together with the venue made the perfect setting for some great photography.

I have to mention that the Tucker family love the outdoors, hence the location for the shoot. To add a little intrigue, the location for the shoot happened to be the exact location a fierce battle between the Boers and Poms took place more than a hundred years back. What makes the spot so significant is that wounded soldiers on both sides were treated by one minister, under heavy fire. One of the soldiers was quoted a saying: “You are preaching a fine sermon today…”. As Francis of Assisi said: “Preach the gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words.”

The photography was made so much easier by the great light we had to our disposal, and as the sun set, it just got better and better. Below is a couple of images from the shoot. Click on any one of them to view the gallery.

Wedding Photography Specials

Wedding Photography that is Creative, Stylish and Modern. Here at Woz’Bona Photography we believe in innovation and Creativity. We like to constantly reinvent ourselves, ensuring the products we offer our clients are of the highest quality, and of course enables them to enjoy memories long after the moment has past…time and time again. Add creativity to this, and you have Creative, Stylish and Modern products that will transform your home for years to come.

Our new pricing and collections were unveiled not too long ago, and these have been specifically tailored to suit your needs. After some feedback from clients, we realised that most of them did appreciate getting a CD with tonnes of images on them, but very seldom know what to do with these images, and ended up looking at them once or twice before the CD disappears into a drawer, only to be pulled out once in a blue moon. That is why we have changed our whole approach the the service we provide you here at Woz’Bona Photography. We are now heart and soul into providing you with a complete service: from the time the shutter opens for the first time, to where your most precious memories adorn the walls of your home as works of art. We sell an experience. Taking top quality photographs just happens to be part of the experience.

Whether you want us to do the photography for you wedding, engagement or the celebration of pregnancy, you will find that we will be your trusted advisor, taking you through the whole process of taking the pictures, choosing the best ones for your home, to making sure you choose the right images for the right prints. Every photography session will be done with specific images fulfilling functions, whether it be a wall portrait that gets framed, or a square canvas mounted to go on your wall. We know our products well, and know how to shoot images that will be best for certain scenarios.

Wedding Photography is our speciality, and with good reason. Few people experience the wedding day with the bride and groom in so much detail and intensity as the the photographer. And to add to that, we get to capture the moments and the memories of that day. It is hard to think of a bigger privilege. With the 2013/2014 wedding season fast approaching, there are plenty of early booking specials available where you can get up to 75% off the photographer’s fee for both wedding and\or engagement shoots. On top of that there are many additional discounts attached to our collections, making sure you can customise and add many additional prints/canvas if you so wish.

Please feel free to contact us at Woz’bona Photography, and arrange for a one on one meeting to have a look at some samples of our products on offer, and see for yourself that we not only Create Stylish, but also Modern works of art.

Things you just don’t get to do enough……

I suppose saying that everyone has got some sort of activity they would like to do much more of is an understatement. Call it a vice, hobby, husband, wife…you know what I mean. Mine would have to be climbing. It is something I absolutely love doing, and don’t do nearly as much as I would like to. Getting away from the photography and wedding stuff for a weekend to do just that was awesome!

About three or four weeks ago I spent the weekend at Eagle Mountain Estate just outside Harrismith with the people from the SA Mountain Club’s KZN section, and had an absolute blast. We started Saturday morning on one or two single pitch routes to help some beginners get the hang of the technical, and to build some confidence. By lunch we were all happy with the progress made, and headed back to camp for some refreshments before setting out on our respective climbs for the afternoon.

Murray Sanders, Hallum Payne (apologies if I got the spelling wrong mate) and myself headed up to ‘Big Sky’, a multi-pitch climb just above camp. We had to sit and wait out some threatening thunderclouds for a while, and as a result only started later that anticipated, but the good thing was the small hike up to the climb. Steep, but short.

We managed summit with some minutes to spare before dark, and bore witness to the most wonderful sight looking towards the Drakensberg at the Sentinel/Golden Gate region. Massive thunderstorms were raging, with lightning lashing out at the peaks and hills many kilometres yonder. Truly spectacular. And guess what? No camera. In my defense though, it would have been difficult to get all my gear about 200m up a sheer cliff face.

The campfires started appearing down below, and we did an easy abseil down, and all I could think of was the Boereworsroll with lashings of All Gold all over it. The encroaching darkness did nothing to slow us down, and Bob’s your uncle! Three times Boerewors Rolls and one tucked away safely for breakfast, and we were listening to some great stories from the veterans amongst us.

Sunday morning was just one of those stunning, cloudless odes to a blistering hot day. Murray, Sarah, Alex and myself were off earlyish to ‘Rhino on the City Hall Steps’, another multi-pitch on the other side of Mooi Hoek Mountain. We were off  the ground quickly, and ran through the pitches quite quickly. I just have to mention Alex in this one. She did brilliantly (as did Sarah), and everytime Alex got to the top of one of the pitches, she moulded herself onto the rock. Almost like those little things that attach themselves to ships and whales.

She had to conquer her fear on the way down though, because you can’t abseil doen without standing up and leaning back off the rock. And she did so like a true pro. It wasn’t long before we were well on our way down the mountain, but not before nature had one last ‘mini epic’, as Murray put it, in stall for us. I don’t think I ever saw anyone abseil down a mountain as quickly as Murray with thunderbolts clapping around our heads. With the girls safely in the car, Murray and I rushed down the mountain to the car, and all I had to show for the experience were two stiff legs the next day.

And one more thing….Sarah and Murray are responsible for all these photos. Good work you two!

Landscape Photography with my best mate

One of my oldest mates were in South Africa over the festive season, and although we had very little time together, the time spent was quality. If I had to start try and explain the good, bad and ugly times Stephen Vosloo and I spent together while growing up, I’d have to make sure there is enough food for the Winter.

We (that is Suzanne and myself) had an awesome braai with Stephen and his wife Meghan, and Stephen and myself spend a couple of hours one morning shooting the African sunrise over our hometown of Ladysmith. It isn’t often that someone tells you that they are doing what they love with their best mate, and the hour or two on a hill in the African Savannah was something special.

Steve, if you read this, Africa is waiting for you. And so am I.

Berg wedding photography on a rainy day

Although wedding photography is a job to me, and as a result you end up sharing many people’s special days as an ‘outsider’, you tend to feel that you don’t really share the day with them. With Debbie and Chris on their wedding day it was completely the opposite. I said to Chris on my way out of their wedding that I have made friends…not only them, but people at their wedding. Shooting their wedding is what makes photography worth it for me, especially wedding photography. The vibe at weddings is just amazing, as anybody that have ever attended a wedding will know, and feeling part of it, having the responsibility of capturing it, and making friends as you go spend the day makes my ‘job’ so much easier.

Another thing that made my job as wedding photographer easier was the ease Debbie and Chris, but especially Debbie, handled a person with a camera pointed at them all day long. I hardly ever had to say or do anything to try and catch the essence of their wedding day. They were just fantastic, and all I had to do was make sure my gear was ready to catch all the special moments only a wedding day can deliver. I have to add that the presence of my amazing wife also added to the ease of it. She really has an eye for the finer detail and little things that happen during a wedding day that helps tie everything together. Thanks my love!

You can check out some more images in the White Weddings Gallery on the Galleries page of my website. Enjoy, and please feel free to leave some comments on any of the posts. It is always good to know what other people think!

Draping (walls, ceiling + Lights, table linen, chair covers, etc) – Ursula Oberholzer, Berg Draping & Décor, 072 511 4791,

Catering – Dave Dixon, Dixon Catering, 033 347 1703 / 082 579 6076,

Cutlery & Crockery – Muirheads Catering (Arranged by Dave Dixon), 033 3943933,

Flowers, Table Décor (Flower boxes, lights) – Jo Kleu (Grandmother), 033 3961674

Serviette Rings (Beadwork) – Bronwyn & Morne Love (Sister & Brother-in-law) 082 046 3769

Chinese Lanterns (Floating Lanterns) – Barry & Lorraine Wilson, Sky’s The Limit, 039 975 3442,

Suit Hire – Matthews Suit Hire, 033 394 4856,

Groom, Best man & Family Attire (Ties, Waistcoats, Flower-girl Dress) – Jo Kleu (Grandmother, as above), Lu Holtham (Mother) – 073 172 5641

Nails – Nancy, 036 438 6220

Hair – Diedre, 058 622 2764 / 083 504 2166

Photography – Chris Greffrath, WozBona Photography, 076 281 6839,

Sparkling Wine – Andrew Buchan, Bonnievale Cellars, 082 654 0095, (KZN Agent); 023 616 2795 (National Sales)

Stationery (Table Cards, Menu, Invitations, printing, etc), Champagne Flutes – Chris & Debbie (done ourselves)

Church & Minister – Rev Ian McGuigan, Bergville Methodist Church,, 036 448 1635 / 082 682 1431