Cathedral Peak Fairy Tale Wedding | Bianca + Patrick

I had the privilege, once again, to photograph a fairy tale wedding at Cathedral Peak Hotel. Small and intimate would be an understatement with this wedding. Bianca and Patrick approached the day quite differently, and the result was a good mix of the traditional with the more ‘out there’ approach. For starters, instead of the bridesmaids and groomsmen helping them get ready, they helped each other. This deviation from the traditional ‘you only see me when I come down the isle’ school of thought displayed an intimacy between the bride and groom I haven’t experienced yet.

Although deciding to photograph the official couple photos before the ceremony (the ‘first look‘ approach) is becoming more and more popular, and is common practice in places like the USA, it was my first opportunity to capture these images in this way. The result? Plenty of time to get all the shots I wanted, time to drive around and spy out great little locations, no pressure on myself or the couple to get back to their guests. Definitely something to think of for all those future brides and grooms.

I have to mention the venue. Cathedral Peak Hotel has got to be one of the best places to tie the knot. It just lends itself to fairy tale weddings. Summer, Spring, Winter and Autumn. I don’t think anyone can go wrong when choosing to get married here.

Venue, decor and catering: Cathedral Peak Hotel[email protected], 036 488 1888, Christelle and Siraaj.

Minister: Gerhard Louw, [email protected],  083 608 2374, Winterton.

Hair: Colleen Hughes, Hair by Colleen, 031 903 3093, Amanzimtoti.

Four generations of family photos

It isn’t every day you get the chance to do family photos of four generations all packed into about two hours. One great granny, two grandparents, four sets of parents and a heap of sprogs…all together from the four corners of the globe. I suppose it is quite an privilege to capture such an event, and be part of it the reunion in the process.

The setting was once again the majestic Drakensberg, close to ATKV Drakensville. The place just does not fail when it comes to delivering inspiring vistas to capture some memorable images. With the backdrops and vistas provided, all I was sweating over was how do I shoot about twenty people in two hours, without missing a moment.

It turns out this bunch wasn’t the shy type. All of them, from Great Granny to the youngest offspring, took charge and all I had to do was make sure the ‘chaos’ was captured on ‘film’. There was a good mix of extremely accommodating children less accommodating ones. This all made for an interesting session. Parents trying to coerce grumpy kids into making some memorable family photos only increase the opportunities to capture.

It was a downright memorable experience, and the joy and love in these images speak of bonds that stretch over four generations. Many blessings.

Wedding bliss under African skies – Mandie + Erik

Being a bit traditional when it comes to marriage, I was stoked to photograph Mandie and Erik’s renewal of their wedding vows. They couldn’t have picked a better venue either. Nambiti Hills Private Game lodge in the Nambithi Conservancy is just a magical place for these special occasions.

It was just so heartening to see two people are still very much in love fifteen years after their wedding day, and their children being there to witness their affirmation of exactly that which cannot be shaken. It must mean the world to a child to know that their parents’ love for each other is unshakable. There is just so much riding on the wedding vows that were made fifteen years ago, and to witness that the foundation laid down then is still as strong as then makes you wonder if the foundations of Earth isn’t laid on love.

Mother Africa certainly played her part in the occasion by supplying magnificent backdrops of amazing colour contrasts. Dark grey thunder cells and soft, golden grassland with a touch of summer green splashed in here and there. The age-old beauty of the land reminded me how simple life really is, and how important it is that we treasure the relationships and experiences we share with those we love. It is hard to think of a better location to celebrate the celebration of love other than the mother continent.

Venue, food and decor: Nambiti Hills, [email protected], (+27) 36 940 0085

South Coast Wedding – Sam + Allan

My first wedding since we’ve relocated to the South Coast. I can’t believe it has been almost a year since touching down in this part of the world. It has been one heck of a year, and when the opportunity to do my first South Coast wedding decided to make itself available, I was all over it like a rash.

Sam we know because she spends a lot of time with our youngest. Allan I have never met before the wedding day, but as soon as I met him knew exactly why Sam is getting married to the bloke.

Palm Manor is where it all went down, and with its white-washed walls, palm trees and view over the Indian Ocean I had to pinch myself to not be fooled that I am not at an exotic location on some distant shore. To top it all off were some great views over Port Shepstone Golf Course and the Umzimkulu River.

Sam and Allan timed the service to perfection, and with the family photos and other formalities done, old Spike was hitting all sorts of angles and delivering some dreamy, thick light. We zipped all over, starting at the golf course (and getting chased away), on the beach, under the bridge, and at the old train yard.

For two people that claim to be camera shy, Sam and Allan produced some great shots. Being in love the way they are did help, and canoodling in front of the camera had to be easier.

South Coast weddings…I reckon I can get used to this…

Music: Henk & Felicity Swart, [email protected], +27 82 443 7207/+27 82 854 4915.

Venue, Decor & Catering: Palm Manor,, [email protected], +27 74 158 3645/ +27 39 695 0344.

Groom & groomsmen: His Place Men’s Boutique,, [email protected], 039 6821986. Shops in Port Shepstone, South Coast Mall, Shelly Centre and Kokstad.

Dress: BDM Bridal Boutique, 11 Marine Drive, Margate, 0718972576. 

Family photography with a bunch of Superheroes

I remember the family photography session I did with Ron and Lauren when she was pregnant with Phoenix. Lauren really came to the party on that one…brought a whole collection of props and ideas. We made our way to the botanical gardens of Pietermaritzburg, and had a quality time.

A little over a year later, the Barbours again invited me into their lives to celebrate the little man’s first birthday. I spent some time with the extended family, and then had the opportunity to spend quality time with Mum, Dad and Phoenix…the little family of Superheroes. It was a gem of a day.

Phoenix Barbour is now an entire two years old. Two years. My word. Since then their little family has grown into a not so little family with the arrival of Juniper. I was bummed not being able to do another maternity shoot with them due to being abroad. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to shoot the bigger Barbour clan again…

This post goes out to you, the Barbours. God’s people. Salt of the earth.


Nambiti Hills wedding – Yolandi + Stephan

When you go to a wedding, get there and get treated like guests it is difficult to get in the car and leave not feeling like you are two friends better off. If I can shoot a wedding like this every day, I would probably be the happiest wedding photographer in the world…hands down.

Yolandi and Stephan could not have picked a more romantic setting to tie the knot. Nambiti Hills offer all the romance needed, and getting pampered in absolute luxury in the days leading up to the wedding day must be an experience to treasure for a lifetime. Judging by the relationship Yolandi and Victoria (the wedding co-ordinator) formed in a short time, the services at Nambiti Hills must be something you’ll write home about.

All the guests were treated to a stunning game drive after the wedding ceremony, and while braving the chilly breeze we got some delightful shots with the fading light of the setting sun over the Natal bush veld. Yolandi was so brave, getting in and out of her warm fleecy top to help me get the images they’ll look at in twenty years to remember the freezing cold breeze and their magical day.

When our time with them came to an end, we left with some warm, warm memories though. This is one wedding I know I will treasure the memories of.

Venue, food and decor: Nambiti Hills, [email protected], (+27) 36 940 0085

Durban + South Coast wedding Photographer | Woz’Bona Photography

Photography have always been a passion of mine, and I have toyed with the idea of becoming a wedding photographer for some time, but mostly dabbling in travel photography. Come 2010, a return to South Africa, and thoughts and schemes started to take shape.

My first commission as a wedding photographer came with the wedding of Nathan + Christy at a delightful venue on a farm just outside Pietermaritzburg. This man is savvy on how to make the wedding day as special as possible for his girl. The venue was an absolute winter fairytale, with all the rustic, earthy colours under the trees.

Needless to say, I had to get the business up and running after that, and it was some time before I managed to land my second job as a wedding photographer. Shooting a wedding in the Drakensberg is truly any wedding photographer’s dream, I reckon, and after this one I managed to get quite few other jobs in the area (Paula + Donovan, Thea + Wayne and Rachel + Wendy), making full use of the opportunities to shoot some fabulous landscapes complemented by wonderful people.

I also captured weddings in and around the town of Ladysmith where we were based for just over a year. There are some splendid venues in and around this little, sleepy town, and I had opportunities to shoot at Naunton’s, Platrand Lodge and Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge (Yolandi + Stephan). On the odd occasion, there were some family shoots thrown in the mix, and it was a pleasant break from the more formal setting that is weddings.

After deciding to go back into teaching full-time, we now find ourselves on the Kwazulu-Natal South Coast, hence the title of this post: Durban + South Coast Wedding Photographer. After a hectic six months settling in as a HOD at Creston College, I thought the time right to announce myself as another addition to the Durban + South Coast Wedding Photographer market. I’m not expecting to take the market by storm, and I am positive there are many fine photographers around the Durban + South Coast area. If you are in need of a decent wedding photographer at a good price, or want a fun family shoot done anywhere on the South Coast or Durban, get in touch. I will be glad to help.



Inter-continental wedding – Rachel + Wendy

It isn’t often you manage to get such a group of cosmopolitan people in one place at the same time…come on Rachel and Wendy’s wedding at Alpine Heath Resort in the Drakensberg. It was a clash of cultures and sexes in so many different ways, it is hard to contemplate where to start explaining the fusion that was this wedding. Rachel, a Jewish-American girl from New York, smoothing out the more robust edges of the African culture with Wendy, a Zulu girl from the small town of Ladysmith in South Africa.

If I had to go into detail about everything that went down at their wedding, it’ll take a while, and your jaw will drop. With the mixture of cultures it seemed we were heading for a difficult day, but at the end everything was so beautifully balanced. Rachel with her Jewish-American contribution contrasted delightfully with the traditional singing and dancing from the Zulu culture Wendy’s people brought to the wedding.

A special mention has to go out to the people from Absolute Perfection for managing the day like total pros, and getting the decor for the wedding absolutely spot-on. It all just contributed to the unique balance this we were so blessed to share with Wendy and Rachel.


Venue: Alpine Heath Resort, +27 36 438 6484, [email protected]/[email protected]

Event co-ordination, Styling and Floral design by Absolute Perfection, Candace Allan, +27 (0) 72 314 9347, [email protected]


Wedding photography at Platrand Lodge with Charl + Maryke

Doing the wedding photography for Charl and Maryke’s big day was a bit more challenging than the engagement session (you can check out the pics from the engagement session here). The late summer afternoon we had to shoot their engagement was just perfect, with light you could cut like butter.

Their wedding day was a totally different story. Windy, getting colder as the day progressed, and just a bit grey. None the less, with a bride willing to brave the icy wind and a groom that is phased by almost nothing, we set out and got some great images. It just reminded me once again about the job and responsibility that wedding photography is. You have to make the best of what you’ve got. You only have one chance at it, so you’d better know how to use the environment, the available light and your gear.

Massive thanks to Maryke for braving the cold. Without her steely determination and Charl’s calm demeanour, I would have had my work cut out for me. And then of course my assistant and lovely wife. She just doesn’t stop talking, and that almost certainly helps keep people’s minds occupied.

And then, lastly, I have to commend the folks at Platrand Lodge once again for putting up a quality event. They really know how to make it unforgettable. I really hope it isn’t the last time I shoot a wedding at Platrand Lodge.

The Grobler Gang: Family Photography

As much as I loooove wedding photography, I have to say that family photography is so much less stressful. If the weather doesn’t want to play along, you just reschedule. If the kids are sick, or you are, or the parents are, you just reschedule. The parents are usually the most stressed, because they are terrified the sprogs aren’t going to behave. The kids act up to the camera, and it makes doing family photography so much fun, and so easy. When the parents realise they can’t control the kids, they start chilling out. Oh, and of course I encourage the kids.

Snapping the Groblers wasn’t any different. Emma was on the verge of her first birthday, and you could see she had some attitude. Seth was just out of his skin. Totally. I started thinking he must’ve sneaked a Red Bull earlier. This just played right into my hands. Everything was just kicking off, the light was flowing like butter, and I was filling up cards. Loving it.